Our Services

We will take your complex ideas, understand them deeply, and then create a narrative that best suits your needs. Our communication enhances the attention span, increases the content retention rates and touches that emotional button that triggers the action. You will be engaging the audience, presenting it in a rich audiovisual environment that is both compelling and fun, with an educational approach.

Visual narrative

Turning your boring old powerpoint presentation into a visual rich and engaging story.


Turning complex subjects into simple, compelling and viral videos.


Creating audience engagement by providing interaction with the content.


Presentations that react to the space, the crowd and the facilitator.

About Us

Started in 2008, Toonstudio became a place for a group of artists with different skillsets and interests to come together and increment on each other's works, bringing technology and knowledge into the business of telling stories. Working on B2B and B2C, we shook things up for businesses, bringing the artist's fearlessness and bold future vision thinking into the organizations, enabling the spark of transformation for a disruptive future.

Who We Are

Pedro Alves
Hugo Teixeira

What We Do

One picture is worth a thousand words. So, we tell it with pictures. Delivering support for presentations, talks, article summaries, book promos, education, music and commercial videos and website covers.

Why Choose Us

With visual narratives you get memorable content with high retention, less bouce and curb attrition, optimized for mobile users and mail exchangable, with an international reach. A fast option for busy people!

With us you will get your message across better, and with more results.

Our Portfolio

Over the past years we've worked with major corporations, bringing a fresh, fun, new look to the business and engaging both employees and clients.

Meet the Team

Some of us have come and went. Some of us are still here. Some come in for a while to share.


Pedro Alves

Founder / ToonMan


Hugo Teixeira

Artist extraordinaire

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